application directory

The application directory is the folder in which the rose-app.conf file is located in a Rose application configuration.

Rose metadata

Rose metadata provides information about settings in Rose application configurations and Rose suite configurations. This information is stored in a rose-meta.conf file in a meta/ directory alongside the configuration it applies to.

This information can include:

This information is used for:

Metadata does not affect the running of an application or workflow.

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Rose app
Rose application
Rose application configuration

A Rose application configuration (or Rose app) is a directory containing a rose-app.conf file along with some other optional files and directories.

An application can configure:

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Rose built-in application

A Rose built-in application is a generic Rose application providing common functionality which is provided in the Rose installation.

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Rose configuration

Rose configurations are directories containing a Rose configuration file along with other optional files and directories.

The two types of Rose configuration relevant to Cylc workflows are:

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Rose suite configuration

A Rose suite configuration is a rose-suite.conf file along with other optional files and directories which configure the way in which a workflow is run. E.g:

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Rosie Suite

A Rosie suite is a Rose suite configuration which is managed using the Rosie system.

When a suite is managed using Rosie:

  • The run directory is added to version control.

  • The suite is registered in a database.

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