Getting Started

If you are working with a new installation of Rose you should look at the Site And User Configuration.

Rose combines the settings in the site configuration and the user configuration at run time. You can view the resultant configuration by issuing the command:

rose config

Rose should work out of the box if it is configured correctly at your site.

Text Editor

  • The default external text editor used by GUIs is gedit.

  • The default external text editor used by CLI commands is the value of the VISUAL or EDITOR environment variable, or vi if neither environment variable is set.

To change the default editor change the following settings in the user configuration file ~/.metomi/rose.conf:


The external text editor used by GUIs


The external text editor used by CLI commands

For emacs and most text editors, you can do something like:


For any text editor command that normally forks and detaches from the shell it is started in, you should use an option to ensure that the text editor runs in the foreground to allow Rose to wait for the edit session to finish. E.g. for gvim, you will do:

editor=gvim -f
geditor=gvim -f

Editor Syntax Highlighting

There are gedit, kate, vim, and emacs plugins for syntax highlighting of Rose configuration files, located within the Rose installation.

Run the following command to see the available syntax files and their locations:

$ rose resource syntax

Each file contains setup instructions within.

Additionally there is a Pygments lexer located in the source code

Configuring Cylc

See the “Installation” and “User Config File” sections of the Cylc User Guide.