Rose Configurations

Rose configurations are directories containing a Rose configuration file along with other optional assets which define behaviours such as:

  • Execution.

  • File installation.

  • Environment variables.

Rose configurations may be used standalone or alternatively in combination with the Cylc workflow engine. There are two types of Rose configuration for use with Cylc:

Rose application configuration

A runnable Rose configuration which executes a defined command.

Rose suite configuration

A Rose configuration designed to run Cylc workflows. For instance it may be used to define Jinja2 variables for use in the flow.cylc file.

Why Use Rose Configurations?

With Rose configurations the inputs and environment required for a particular purpose can be encapsulated in a simple human-readable configuration.

Configuration settings can have metadata associated with them which may be used for multiple purposes including automatic checking and transforming.

Rose configurations can be edited either using a text editor or with the rose config-edit GUI which makes use of metadata for display and on-the-fly validation purposes.

Rose Configuration Format

All Rose configuration files use the same format which is based on the INI file format. Like the file format for Cylc workflows:

  • Comments start with a # character.

  • Settings are written as key=value pairs.

  • Sections are written inside square brackets i.e. [section-name]

However, there are also key differences, and unlike the file format for Cylc workflows:

  • Sections cannot be nested.

  • Settings should not be indented.

  • Comments must start on a new line (i.e. you cannot have inline comments).

  • There should not be spaces around the = operator in a key=value pair.

For example:

# Comment.


Throughout this tutorial we will refer to settings in the following format:

  • file - will refer to a Rose configuration file.

  • file|setting - will refer to a setting in a Rose configuration file.

  • file[section] - will refer to a section in a Rose configuration file.

  • file[section]setting - will refer to a setting in a section in a Rose configuration file.