Site And User Configuration

Aspects of some Rose utilities can be configured per installation via the site configuration file and per user via the user configuration file. Any configuration in the site configuration overrides the default, and any configuration in the user configuration overrides the site configuration and the default. Rose expects these files to be in the modified INI format described in Rose Configuration Format.

You can also override many internal constants of rose config-edit and rosie go. To change the keyboard shortcut of the Find Next action in the config editor to F3, put the following lines in your user config file, and the setting will apply the next time you run rose config-edit:

Rose Configuration rose.conf

The rose.conf file can be installed in:

  • /etc/rose.conf

  • $ROSE_SITE_CONF_PATH/rose.conf

  • $HOME/.metomi/rose.conf

Config checksum-method= md5|sha1|...


Default method for checksum calculation. Values can be any algorithm available from Python’s hashlib.

Config meta-path= DIR1[:DIR2[:...]]

Paths to locate configuration metadata e.g. meta-path=/opt/rose-meta.

Config site= SITE-NAME

Site name, used by suite configuration for portability.

Config [external]

Configuration of external commands.

Config diff_tool= COMMAND

diff -u

Launch diff tool.

Config editor= COMMAND


Launch text editor.

Config fs_browser= COMMAND


Launch graphical file system browser.

Config gdiff_tool= COMMAND


Launch graphical diff tool.

Config geditor= COMMAND


Launch graphical text editor.

Config image_viewer= COMMAND


Launch image viewer.

Config rsync= COMMAND

rsync -a –exclude=.* –timeout=1800 –rsh=’ssh -oBatchMode=yes’

The rsync command.

Config ssh= COMMAND

ssh -oBatchMode=yes -oConnectTimeout=10

The ssh command.

Config terminal= COMMAND


Launch terminal.

Config [rosa-ldap]

These LDAP settings are only relevant if [rosa-svn]user-tool=ldap.

Config attrs= uid cn mail

uid cn mail

The attributes for UID, common name and email in the LDAP directory.

Config basedn= BASEDN

The base DN in the LDAP directory to search for users.

Config binddn= BINDDN

The DN in the LDAP server to bind with to search the directory.

Config filter-more

If specified, use the value as extra (AND) filters to an LDAP search.

Config password-file


The file containing the password to the LDAP server, if required.

Config tls-ca-file

The location of the TLS CA certificate file.

Config uri= URL

The URI of the LDAP server e.g. ldap://

Config [rosa-svn]

Configuration for rosa svn-pre-commit and rosa svn-post-commit.

Config notification-from= EMAIL-ADDRESS

Notification email address (for the “From:” field in notification emails).

Config notify-who-on-trunk-commit= ROLE1 ...

List of user roles to notify on trunk commits. A user role can be:

  • author for the author of the change.

  • owner for the owner of the affected suite.

  • access-list for the users in the access-list of the affected suite.


    If the author is not in the list, (s)he will not be notified regardless of his/her role as suite owner or author of the access-list.


notify-who-on-trunk-commit=author owner access-list
Config super-users= USER1 ...

Space-separated list of admin users allowed to write to the trunk of any suite.

Config user-tool= ldap|passwd

Tool to obtain user information. Either LDAP or Unix getpwnam.

Config [rose-ana]

Configuration related to the built-in rose_ana application.

Config grepper-report-limit= 42

Limits the number of lines printed when using the metomi.rose.apps.ana_builtin.grepper analysis class.

Config kgo-database= .true.


Turns on the Rose Ana Comparison Database.

Config method-path= /path/1 /path2

Items to prepend to the search path for user methods.

Config skip-if-all-files-missing= .true.

Causes the metomi.rose.apps.ana_builtin.grepper class to pass if all files to be compared are missing.

Config [rose-config-diff]

Configuration specific to rose config-diff.

Config ignore{foo}= REGEX

Shorthand expressions for ignore-setting regular expressions e.g. ^baz,bar,w[ib]ble.

Config properties= title,ns,description,help


Metadata properties to use.

Config [rose-host-select]

Configuration related to rose host-select.

Config default= GROUP/HOST ...

The default arguments to use for this command e.g. default=hpc.

Config group{NAME}= GROUP/HOST ...

Declare a named group of hosts e.g:

group{rose-vm}=rose-vm0 rose-vm1 rose-vm2 rose-vm3
group{hpc}=hpc1 hpc2
group{hpc1}=hpc1a hpc1b hpc1c hpc1d
group{hpc2}=hpc2a hpc2b hpc2c hpc2d
Config method{NAME}= METHOD[:METHOD-ARG]


Declare the default ranking method for a group of hosts e.g. method{hpc}=random. For detail on the methods see rose host-select.

Config thresholds{NAME}= [METHOD[:METHOD-ARG]:]VALUE ...

Declare the default threshold(s) for a group of hosts e.g:

thresholds{hpc}=fs:/var/tmp:75 fs:/tmp:75

For detail on the methods see rose host-select.

Config timeout= FLOAT


Set the timeout in seconds of ssh commands to hosts.

Config [rose-mpi-launch]

Configuration related to rose mpi-launch.

Config launcher-fileopts.LAUNCHER= OPTION-TEMPLATE

Specify the options to a LAUNCHER for launching with a command file. The template string should contain $ROSE_COMMAND_FILE (or ${ROSE_COMMAND_FILE}), which will be expanded to the path to the command file. e.g:

launcher-fileopts.poe=-f $ROSE_COMMAND_FILE
launcher-fileopts.mpiexec=-cmdfile $ROSE_COMMAND_FILE
Config launcher-list= LAUNCHER ...

Specify a list of launcher commands e.g:

launcher-list=poe mpiexec
Config launcher-postopts.LAUNCHER= OPTIONS-TEMPLATE

Specify the options to a LAUNCHER for launching with a command. postopts are options placed after COMMAND but before the remaining arguments.

Config launcher-preopts.LAUNCHER= OPTIONS-TEMPLATE

Specify the options to a LAUNCHER for launching with a command. preopts are options placed after the launcher command but before COMMAND. E.g:

launcher-preopts.mpiexec=-n $NPROC
Config [rose-stem]

Configuration related to rose stem.

Config automatic-options= VARIABLE=VALUE

Automatic options. These are added as if the user added them with --define-suite on the command line and can be accessed as Jinja2 variables in the flow.cylc file. E.g automatic-options=TEA=earl_grey would set the Jinja2 variable TEA to be earl_grey.

Config [rose-task-run]

Configuration related to rose task-run.

Config path-prepend= /path/1 /path/2

Items to prepend to the PATH environment variable.

Config path-prepend.PYTHONPATH

Items to prepend to a PATH-like environment variable, e.g. PYTHONPATH.

Config [rosie-db]

Configuration related to the database of the Rosie web service server.

Config db.PREFIX= URL

The database location of a given repository prefix, from within the server e.g. to create/reference an SQLite DB at /srv/rosie/foo-db.sqlite:
Config repos.PREFIX= DIR

The path to the repository of a given prefix, from within the server e.g:
Config [rosie-disco]

Configuration related to the adhoc Rosie suite discovery service server.

Config host= NAME

The server’s host name.

An alternative host name.

Config title= TITLE

“Rosie Suites Discovery”

An alternative service title.

Config [rosie-id]

Configuration related to Rosie client commands.

Config local-copy-root= DIR


Root directory of local (working) copies of suites e.g:

Config prefix-default= PREFIX

The default ID prefix (an identifier for a Rosie repository/service).

Config prefix-https-ssl-cert.PREFIX= PATH

For HTTPS requests, location(s) of certificate + private key files e.g:

prefix-https-ssl-cert.PREFIX=/path/to/server.crt /path/to/key
Config prefix-https-ssl-verify.PREFIX= True|False


For HTTPS requests, verify SSL certificates.

Config prefix-location.PREFIX= URL

URL of the repository of an ID prefix, with no trailing slash, e.g:
Config prefix-password-store.PREFIX= gpgagent|gnomekeyring

try gpgagent then gnomekeyring

The password store to use.

Config prefix-username.PREFIX= USER-ID

Default user name for services in prefix.

Config prefix-web.PREFIX= URL

Source browser (e.g. Trac) URL of the repository of an ID prefix e.g:
Config prefix-ws.PREFIX= URL

Discovery service URL of an ID prefix e.g:
Config prefixes-ws-default= PREFIX ...

List of default discovery services (space-delimited list of prefixes) that will be used by a Rosie discovery service client.

Config [rosie-vc]

Configuration related to the Rosie version control client.

Config access-list-default= USER-ID ...

Default access-list setting on suite creation, e.g. to grant access to all users by default:

Config [t]

Test battery configuration.

Config difftool= COMMAND ...

diff -u

Tool to compare two files when there are differences.

Config host-groups= GROUP ...

List of selectable host groups.

These must be defined in [rose-host-select]group{NAME}.

Config job-host= HOST

A remote host that does not share its HOME directory with localhost.

Config job-host-fast-dest-root= PATH

A fast file system for working with small files in job-host e.g:

Config job-host-with-share= HOST

A remote host that shares its HOME directory with localhost.

Config job-host-with-share-fast-dest-root= PATH

A fast file system for working with small files in job-host-with-share.

Config job-hosts= HOST1 HOST2

Two non-local job hosts that may or may not share a file system.

Config job-hosts-sharing-fs= HOST1 HOST2

Two job hosts sharing a file system, but not with localhost.

Config prove-options= PROVE-OPTIONS ...

-j9 -s

Options for prove when calling etc/bin/rose-test-battery with no arguments. Note that -r t is automatically added to the end of the command line.